Brandon Flowers Re-affirms His Idiocy

January 6, 2007 at 5:03 pm (Ghostface Killah, Sam's Town, The Killers)

The Killers, in yet another dumb move, have turned down a collaboration with Ghostface Killah. Ghostface said he wanted to combine his vocals with the Killers music, but the Killers declined his offer.

How does this bit of news strike me? As a very, very stupid move on the Killers part. Right now, Ghostface Killah is a goldmine and a critics baby. He can do very little wrong right now. After the fiasco that was Sam’s Town, the Killers could use any positive publicity they can muster, and a collaboration with Ghostface Killah definitely would have counted as positive. The Killers might as well go live in a cave and help Flowers groom his mustache garden now, ’cause it’ll be damn near impossible to recover from all that 2006 threw at them.

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