Neon Bible Details Revealed

January 8, 2007 at 4:43 pm (Neon Bible, the Arcade Fire)

Arcade Fire

Arcade FireAfter releasing the first single from their upcoming album, Neon Bible, the Arcade Fire have now released more detailed info on that album, including the tracklisting and release date. The album is set to come out on March 5, with the following tracklisting:

‘Black Mirror’

‘Keep The Car Running’

‘Neon Bible’


‘Black Wave/Bad Vibrations’

‘Ocean Of Noise’

‘The Well The Lighthouse’

‘(Antichrist Television Blues)’


‘No Cars Go’

‘My Body Is A Cage’

You’ll notice that No Cars Go will be included in Neon Bible, as a re-recording. Can’t wait!


1 Comment

  1. mediabase-employees said,

    Oi! , say you on idolator, just giving a shout out from one Bove to another

    from the bits i’ve heard, both the Shins and Arcade Fire will be mega

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