Crazy Sov Fan Just Can’t Let Go

January 10, 2007 at 2:03 am (Concerts, Lady Sovereign)

Remember the poor bastard who raised $10,000 bucks to take Lady Sov out on a date? And then got totally dissed by Lady Sov? Well apparently, he’s a little bit pissed. So pissed, that he had a friend dress up as a jelly donut (I totally get that) and challenge Sov to a duel last night in San Fransico. The short story? Lady Sov insults Jelly Donut Lady Sov spits on Jelly Donut. Fans spit on Lady Sov. Bouncers protect Lady Sov. Jelly Donut gets thrown out on his ass. Idiot is publicly embarrassed yet again. Funny how things turn out, huh?

Postscript: I think I love Sov even more now.


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