Emo Popped A Leak

January 19, 2007 at 10:03 pm (Fall Out Boy, Infinity On High, Leaks)

Update: Well that was fast. The torrent was already pulled from Demonoid. I suppose that since it’s no longer being downloaded, it’s safe to say which site it was on. Ah, well, I know for a fact that a few people got it, so it probably won’t be long before it’s posted a few hundred more times.

Around 4 o’clock today, Fall Out Boy’s new album, Infinity On High leaked onto those darn intraweb tubes. Now, I won’t give you a direct link (since that would be wrong), but I will say that it’s very easy to find. And since I’m no music pirate, I can’t actually tell you how it turned out. Was yesterdays prediction right? I guess we’ll find once those damn seeders spee . . . . I mean, on February 6th, when the album’s officially released. Until then, just stare at the freaky album art.

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