Why Emo Won’t Suck Forever

January 19, 2007 at 1:26 am (Emo, Fall Out Boy, Infinity On High, Jimmy Eat World, mp3s, My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade, Weezer)

Okay, you can hate me if you want, I’ll understand. Cuz I’m about to say the least hip thing a music blogger has ever said. Here it goes. The latest Fall Out Boy song? Yeah, well . . . it’s pretty good. I know, people like me are supposed to hate Fall Out Boy and all it’s evil emo spawn, and I really used to. But then My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade. And we can all agree that was awesome. Sure, they felt the need to still do some shitty “normal” emo stuff, but for the most part, the album was pretty damn awesome. Which sort of brings me to the point of this post.

A few years back, “emo”(I use this term loosely) went through a change. Somehow, emo changed from Weezer and Jimmy Eat World into Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. I don’t know quite when it happened, or why, but it was a pretty sucky change. I mean, anything that gives birth to Schmucks! At The Disco clearly sucks. But now, it almost seems like emo is changing again. And I think it might be for the better.

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Early to Mid 90’s

Some people may argue this point, but I think one of the earliest emo bands was Weezer. Sure they sound nothing like current emo, and they sorta suck nowadays, but back in the early 90’s, they were considered emo and they were awesome. Unfortunately, after Pinkerton got pissed on by the critics, Rivers Cuomo broke, and Weezer got bad.


El Scorchio.mp3

Buddy Holly.mp3

Only In Dreams.mp3

Pink Triangle.mp3

Across The Sea.mp3


Late 90’s to Early 00’s

Once again, this point can be argued, but I think that the second wave of emo can be summarized in one band; Jimmy Eat World. JEW released their first album, Static Prevails, in 1996, about the time when Cuomo decided he didn’t want to write good music anymore. It was a pretty interesting album. In my mind, it’s essentially what began a new kind of emo. They released a series of splits and the like, until they released Clarity, the epitome of late nineties emo. They released two albums after that, finding somewhat mainstream success, but ultimately, they really lost the “emo” tag sometime after their third album.


Your New Aesthetic.mp3

Night Drive.mp3


Salt Sweat Sugar.mp3

The Middle.mp3


Mid 00’s to Present(?)

Here it is, the one we all hate. This wave was (is?) epitomized by bands such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Schmucks! at the Disco, and men wearing eyeliner (which is just wrong). I won’t say much about this one, since we all remember it pretty well, nor will I include any mp3’s, cuz I don’t have any.

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Present to ?

Now, this one is purely conjecture, but I think it’s right around the bend. This wave will be characterized by a culmination of styles. The third wave emo will carry over just a bit, and take with it only the good parts, while incorporating many older rock styles, in the way that Weezer incorporated 80’s styles. Men will stop wearing eyeliner, and Schmucks! at the Disco will all perish in a not-so-tragic hat store explosion. No remains will be found.

House Of Wolves.mp3



This Ain’t A Scene.mp3

So, is there hope for emo? Sure there is. It was great for a while, and it’ll probably turn great again. Someday, you’ll be able to tell your grandkids that you survived the Great Emo Wasteland of the 00’s. The Black Parade will end up ushering emo back into the fold of serious music. At least I sure hope so.


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