Clear The Clutter: Jan 25 Edition

January 25, 2007 at 4:43 pm (Clear The Clutter, mp3s, Rosie Thomas, Sufjan Stevens, These Friends Of Mine)

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It may not seem like it sometimes, but I work pretty hard on this blog. Yeah, I disappear sometimes, but never for very long. And yeah, I post in bursts, but I’m working on that. Anyway, I download a lot of mp3’s over the weeks, and they tend to pile up on my desktop. It’s not that they’re bad songs, it’s just that they get lost in the shuffle. So, every now and then, I have to do a little clean-up, so that my desktop is visible once again. And so, today I will be cleaning off my desktop. That means that I’ll listen to every mp3 there, and post about all the good ones. This may take more than one day. Let’s start out with this one.

This song, Much Farther To Go, is from Rosie Thomas’ upcoming album, These Friends Of Mine, due on March 13. It’s typically sweet, and the lyrics would probably be considered naive and trite (I lost my way when I lost you) if it weren’t for the delivery. Thomas’ voice is spot on, delicate and smooth and so is Sufjan Steven’s, Thomas’ guest. Their voices are a perfect match, intertwining together in a way that few voices can, while a guitar and banjo strum in the background. An absolute gem.

Much Farther To Go.mp3


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