LCD Soundsystem: Time To Get Away

February 12, 2007 at 9:16 pm (LCD Soundsystem, mp3 mixes, mp3s, Sound Of Silver)

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Talk about deja vu. I just started listening to LCD Soundsystem’s new record, Sound Of Silver, this past weekend. The first track was okay, but nothing great. So, I was pretty happy when Get Innocuous faded into the background, and I started grooving out to Daft Punk Is Playing In My House. Until I realized that it wasn’t Daft Punk. I clicked on my iPod, and it turned out to be some song called Time To Get Away. Now, I’m no expert, but these two songs sound a hell of a lot alike to me. See for yourself:

LCD Soundsystem – Time To Get Away.mp3
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing In My House.mp3

After a few more listens, I got really curious. So, I fired up Audacity, and played the two tracks over each other. Something was just a little off, so I moved Time To Get Away over a little to the right, and the songs synced up. Don’t believe me? Listen to this:

LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk/Get Away Mix.mp3

Pretty freaky, eh?

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  1. mp83 said,

    Now that’s what came across my mind when I heard Time To Get Away.I guess they’re playing Daft Punk at their studio (a lot!).

    (You’ve got a really neat blog)

  2. Mark said,

    that is what is so amazing about this album. i couldn’t believe he was gonna open the album (‘get innocuous’ which imho is 2nd best track after the amaaaaaaaazing ‘all my friends) with exact opening to his first ever track i.e. ‘losing my edge’. someone needs to call the irony police, this man is too hot. there’s no reference like self-reference – standing on the soldiers of giants ‘n’ all that.

  3. charl said,

    hey, i was wondering whther you could upload those mp3 files again, because i went to download them and they didnt work! that would FABULOUS!

  4. Tony said,

    If i am thinking of finishing this article in a hurry after reading this much about LCD here, it means that your goal has been fulfilled.

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