Blonde Redhead: The Dress

February 17, 2007 at 10:56 pm (23, Blonde Redhead, mp3s)
This song literally sent a chill down my spine the first time I heard it. Whether it’s the ethereal instrumentation, or Kazu Makino’s delicate, frigid vocals that caused this reaction, I’m not not sure, but this is an amazing song. The production fits the song perfectly, with a distant melody playing to such lyrics as “don’t let the dress trick you, I love you less now that I know you.” Incredible. The Dress is from Blonde Redhead’s new album, 23, due out on April 10th.

Blonde Redhead – The Dress.mp3

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  1. MarisollosriaM said,

    This song is truly beautiful. Like them. Thank you for prividing the mp3. Have you heard the others?

  2. kebove said,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the mp3. For me, the Dress is by far my favorite song, but the rest of the album is pretty great too.

  3. Phillip said,

    right on the money with the dress. the entire album is killer. i was so happy to hear them pull off another compelling like misery is a butterfly. i’m also digging that song called silently. and i am looking around for the lyrics for every song. blonde redhead lyrics read lke the magical poetry that is their music.

  4. Blonde Redhead: Dr. Strangluv « Shameless Complacency said,

    […] responses Since you all seemed to love The Dress so much, I thought I’d give you another taste of 23. While it doesn’t top The Dress, […]

  5. Pauline said,

    yes yes i agree “the dress” utterly beautiful.

  6. Luis Javier said,

    Yeah I’m glad Blonde Redhead came out with a new albumand The Dress is a wonderful song for all the Blonde Redhead fans out there I was scared that they were not or that it was going to take longer but here it is and with a completely new sound Thank you Kazu Makino, Amedeo Pace, Simone Pace, this is another bonus to the great collection of songs already out there by you guys.

  7. valentina said,

    “I love you less now that I know you” ohhh, that song it’s beautiful, thank you blonde redhead to make us the life better, hahaha

  8. Sacrilegium said,

    I just heard The Dress for the first time today, and already I’ve had to listen to it four times. I agree, it’s captivating.

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