Dinosaur Jr: Pick Me Up

February 18, 2007 at 1:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve only just started Dinosaur Jr’s new album, Beyond, but I already feel the need to post about. It’s amazing how much they still sound like themselves after all these years. This particular track is called Pick Me Up. While the vocals are certainly fine, it’s the guitar halfway through that really makes the song. When that guitar kicks in, I dare you not to play a little air guitar. Beyond is due out May 1st on Fat Possum Records.

Dinosaur Jr – Pick Me Up.mp3 [Removed upon request]

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  1. DM Sinkovits said,

    This guy writes songs that nobody else can write.

  2. Jaime Montemayor said,

    Dinosaur jr. tocan conmadre, estaria bien chido que vinieran a Mexico para tener la buena oportunidad de escuchar esta banda, me gusta el nuevo album pero los primeros albunes son lo mejor.

  3. Toothy said,

    Bien chido que vinieran is exactly what I was thinking, and yeah — it’s about two and a half minutes in when JM starts tossing out that chunky riff with the high note — it’s stunning.

    Tocan conmadre might mean that they play with someone’s mother, but don’t say you heard it from me.

  4. andrew andrew said,

    j rules
    lou rules
    murph rules
    dinosaur jr rules

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