Yes, i’m A Witch: Kiss Kiss Kiss (With Peaches)

February 22, 2007 at 8:10 pm (mp3s, Peaches, Releases, Yoko Ono)

Yoko Ono is, without a doubt, the hippest 74 year-old Asian woman in modern music . But seriously, Yoko rocks. In case you didn’t know, she released a remix album, Yes, I’m A Witch, earlier this month. Among the contributors are Peaches, Le Tigre, The Flaming Lips, Cat Power, and the Apples In Stereo. While Yes . . . is by no means a masterpiece, it really is a fun little album. Among the highlights of the album is Peaches remix of Kiss Kiss Kiss. While Peaches sex-centric lyrics often overshadow the actual song, this track gives us an opportunity to enjoy Peaches bias free, and lets us remember exactly how good she is a creating great minimalist electro. Enjoy.

Yoko Ono – Kiss Kiss Kiss (With Peaches).mp3

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  1. Thadious said,

    i agree with frank and lance, she sucked the life out of him, that is why she has those glasses on, so we cant see her red eyes, she is pure evil

  2. Shuddering said,

    She must have done something for John. I have no idea what it could be.

    Whenever I hear her singing, especially on those last songs with John, I wonder
    how many tranquilizers the recording engineers needed to take in order to hold
    a straight face while mixing.

    What a nightmare of a woman.

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