Dan Deacon: Snake Mistakes

February 23, 2007 at 9:18 pm (Dan Deacon, mp3s, Spiderman Of The Rings)

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Dan Deacon is one crazy motherfucker. That isn’t my opinion, that’s a fact. I’ve been listening to his latest album Spiderman Of The Rings ever since I got my hands on it, and I’m absolutely convinced that no sane person could ever create anything that sounds anything like this album. Falling somewhere in between unclassifiable and electro/dance, this is one of those album that grabs your attention like a truck to the face. You can almost picture Deacon sitting in his laboratory, crazily pushing buttons and sliders around on some giant evil music-mixing machine. Beneath him, prisoners scream for their release, while he only records their voices for future use. His plan? World-domination through incredibly catchy music. Snake Mistakes has already weaseled it’s way into brain, and I imagine it would do the same to anyone else. However, I don’t think a world ruled by Deacon would be so bad. At least there would be a lot of dancing to classic cartoon character voice samples. So, listen to this track, and try not to be infected by it. Go ahead, I dare you.

Dan Deacon – Snake Mistakes.mp3

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