Rundown: Rosie Thomas, Papercuts, The Besnard Lakes, and Avey Tare/Kria Brekkan

February 27, 2007 at 3:14 pm (Avey Tare, Can't Go Back, Kria Brekkan, mp3s, Papercuts, Pullhair Rubeye, Rosie Thomas, The Besnard Lakes, The Besnard Lakes Are THe Dark Horse, These Friends Of Mine)

I’m sorry I abandoned you guys. It must be so hard to find good music without me around. Anyway, to make up for it, I’ll give you the rundown on what I’ve been listening to lately.
Rosie Thomas
Remember, a while back I posted an mp3 of hers featuring Sufjan Stevens? Well I did, and her new album, These Friends Of Mine, has finally come out. There’s not much to say about Rosie that hasn’t already been said. Essentially, she’s just a female version of Sufjan Stevens.
Rosie Thomas – Paper Doll.mp3
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Papercuts are an indie-folk band that made headlines earlier this year when it was announced they would be touring with end-of-year-list faves, Grizzly Bear. Since then, they’ve only grown in popularity, and have released their debut album, Can’t Go Back. They’re sound is unique, essentially your normal indie stuff, but with a healthy tinge of country and folk influences.
Papercuts -Summer Long.mp3
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The Besnard Lakes
You’ve definitely heard of these guys by now. You know, the space-poppers that pretty much every blog on the internet is in love with? Yeah, I thought so. Well, they’re so damn beloved for a reason. If you haven’t already, check them out!
The Besnard Lakes – And You Lied To Me.mp3
Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan
Can you hear that? That’s the sound of internet message boards backlashing. Ever since Pullhair Rubeye leaked yesterday, AC fanboys wiring has been blowing itself.That’s because the album is entirely reversed. Every single song is played backwards. Many fans are in denial, claiming that someone fucked with the advance copy. I’m not sure, but I think the album is truly meant to be backwards. Enjoy!
Lay Off, Lay Off, Faselam.mp3


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