Amon Tobin: Big Furry Head

March 2, 2007 at 2:08 pm (Uncategorized)

While you’re at the (digital?) record store next Tuesday, picking up
you copy of Neon Bible, I urge you to check out another release; Foley
Room, by Amon Tobin. Tobin’s first true new album since 2002 is a bit
of a departure for him. While on his previous albums, Tobin had relied
mainly on sampled jazz to build music around, this time he’s using
entirely original samples of everday city life, such as a dripping
faucet, a motocycle roaring to life, and even people singing in the

It’s hard to place Tobins work in any one genre; his composition is
purely classical, but his sound is far too experimental to fit under
that small umbrella. The same goes for electronic; while some of his
music certainly fits under that category, the majority is a genre unto

In each track on his new album, Tobin generally focuses on one
sample, and builds an often stunning composition around it. The main
sample of my favorite track, aptly titled Big Furry Head, is a
tiger’s roar. The track begins asnothing more than a particularly good
electronic track. But when the tiger roar kicks in, everything changes.
A Scott Walker-worthy chill goes through your body, and you can’t help
but bobbing your head to the beat. Enjoy.

Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head.mp3

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