Newsflash: Gui Boratto and Wilco

March 2, 2007 at 8:02 pm (Chromophobia, Gui Boratto, mp3s, Newsflash, Sky Blue Sky, Wilco)

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Two interesting things are supposed to be happening on the web quite soon. First of all, Gui Boratto is going to play a live online set to celebrate the release of his new album, Chromophobia. Chromophia is one of the best Kompakt releases I’ve heard in some time, so I highly suggest you keep an eye on Boratto’s site tomorrow.

Secondly, Wilco is expected to stream their highly anticipated (and in my opinion, cursed) album from their site within the next few days. This move is supposedly a way to cut off music pirates before they can leak the album. Personally, I think Warner simply screwed up big time with the people they sent promos out too, and now they’re scurrying around to fix their mistake. So, if you’re smart you’ll keep an eye on Wilcoworld.

Gui Boratto – The Blessing.mp3

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