Blonde Redhead: Dr. Strangluv

March 4, 2007 at 2:24 pm (23, Blonde Redhead, mp3s)
Since you all seemed to love The Dress so much, I thought I’d give you another taste of 23. While it doesn’t top The Dress, Dr. Strangluv is still one of the 23’s high points (even though the album consists almost solely of high points). It’s also considerably more upbeat than most of the album. I’d love to comment on the lyrics, but Makino’s still stunning voice melds far too well into the song to be able to make the lyrics out. Even after listening to 23 for several weeks, I’m still stunned by it’s beauty.

Blonde Redhead – Dr. Strangeluv.mp3

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  1. stevieray1 said,

    really the lyrics are impossible to decipher. Its like “louie louie” from the kingsmen in the 60s. I think congress will need to investigate!! Sounds fantastic though…

  2. Markus said,

    23 is such a great album. I would say it is going to be one of the best albums in 2007. And sure, the album is full of high points. I still haven not gotten the last two tracks. I think Dr. Strangeluv is the closest this album will be to their last works. My favourite songs are Publisher and The Dress, so far. This is definitely my favourite Blonde Redhead album!

  3. Summer said,

    I couldn’t download it…bandwidth exceeded…:(

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