Maximo Park: Our Earthly Pleasures

March 4, 2007 at 12:01 pm (Maximo Park, mp3s, Our Earthly Pleasures)

Our Earthly Pleasures.JPG
A few years after the post-punk revival, it’s interesting to take a look at what the bands of that movement are currently up to. Franz Ferdinand and the Strokes, arguably the two leaders of the revival, are both attempting to reinvent their sound, and their image as a whole. But change isn’t always good, or even necessary. Case in point: Maximo Park. Instead of doing something different for their sophomore effort, Our Earthly Pleasures Maximo Park have simply evolved their sound. All the key elements, heavily accented vocals, crunchy guitars and such, have remained, but they’ve still matured as a band. The lyrics are smarter, and the album hangs together as a cohesive whole better than A Certain Trigger did. While not a groundbreaking record in any sense, Our Earthly Pleasures stands as nice addition to Maximo Parks small library.
Maximo Park – Russian Literature.mp3
Maximo Park – The Unshockable.mp3
Maximo Park – Nosebleed.mp3

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