Lily Allen: Smile (Simlish Version)

March 9, 2007 at 1:17 pm (Alright Still, Lily Allen, sims, Smile, Video mp3s)

It’s hard not to love Lily Allen. Not only is she an adorably cheeky Brit who worked herself to fame all by herself, but she”s also highly involved with her fans. She asks them to do remixes of her songs, she corresponds with them on her myspace, and now, she’s doing videos involving their favorite videos games; The Sims. That’s right, Lily Allen has joined the ranks of prestigious artists such as the Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls (err, scratch that) by recording a song entirely in Simlish. For those of you out of the know, Simlish is the made-up language spoken by Sims. Although you’ll enjoy this video more if you’ve played a Sims game, you should still have a good time even if you’ve never touched one of those new-fangled gamey things.

Lily Allen – Smile (Simlish).mp3



  1. Paperslut said,

    She’s had it relatively easy, given her dad and all that.

    Doesn’t take away from her cheekiness, or her talent though.

  2. kim said,

    Were are the LYRICS to smile in simlish!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MONEYLOVER said,


    p.s. please

  4. lenamarie said,

    u know, moneylover, ur being pretty vicious. chill out. btw, i wd like lyrics 2!!!!

  5. P SALT said,

    Do you even get my user name!!! becouse it stands foe a pintch of salt!!!

    P.S Hey kim I did not know you went to this site!

    syt [at school]

  6. kim said,

    Siobahn (sha-vahn):
    u r 2 good 2 b 4got10!!! lol I want lyrics ppl!!! btw Josh says he’s so over Tilly… shame. lol

  7. tilly*pot*sop said,

    u guys! is that true! omg i will kill Josh!!!!! god dang.

    btw: luv da video

  8. jojosup said,

    liar liar

  9. mooooo said,

    lurve it yo

  10. caz said,

    the first bit is

    wanno be let go aba waba moooo ca tika voo ana goo nee doo vada wa wa voo

  11. cow said,

    where are the lyrics???!!!

  12. josh said,

    no lyrics is crap fuckers

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