Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero

March 9, 2007 at 8:47 am (mp3s, Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero)

Year Zero

I’ll admit it; all this hype for Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero is actually starting to get to me. After Reznor played it safe with 2005’s With Teeth, I though NIN’s best days were behind them. But now, with flash drives showing up in bathrooms all over the world, spectral imaging revealing weird hands, and explicit videos being filmed, I can’t help but wonder if Year Zero can possibly be as good as all the buildup suggests. The five leaked songs would definitely point to yes. While Reznor still can’t write an intelligent lyric to save his life, he still knows how to create tense, visceral rock. Survivalism, for which the video appeared yesterday, is one of NIN’s best tracks since The Fragile. Despite never being a major NIN fan, when Year Zero hits stores April 17, I’ll be one of the first in line.

Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism.mp3
Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning Of The End.mp3
Nine Inch Nails – My Violent Heart.mp3
Nine Inch Nails – Me I’m Not.mp3
Nine Inch Nails – In This Twilight.mp3

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  1. lurgee said,

    the link to survivalism is actually linking to In This Twilight. I actually liked some stuff off of With Teeth. It wasn’t mindblowing, but it was more solid than The Fragile (which I found boring as hell). Thanks for posting these files!

  2. zecowinator said,

    totally sick i love nine inch nails woo hoo!!! yay

  3. Ashke said,

    Uh, yeah. I, personally, LOVE trent reznor’s lyrics. Personally, I prefer his older stuff to With Teeth and some of the new songs. But it’s not because of poorly written lyrics, it’s because the more subdued songs aren’t as exciting.

    I loved The Fragile. It’s one of my favorite albums, next to Broken and Pretty Hate Machine.

  4. William said,

    Can’t write a intelligent lyric to save his life? Do you even know what his lyrics mean? Though not.

    But anyway, this album is proving to be somthing special I have not listened to “The Beginning Of The End” simply because i’m afraid I will ruin the album, but what I have heard of it is a car with go faster stripes attached to it’s sides.

    In short: Can’t wait for april 17th.

  5. Simon said,

    The links don’t work anymore!!!

  6. Jonathon said,

    Wait for bandwidth to go down, then try again.

  7. SiNDADDY rep said,

    Trent is ripping his whole new idea of “year zero” from SiNDADDY who talks about 2012 and shit a LOT. Nine Inch Nails needs to quit.

  8. Commander_Cool said,

    Sorry, nobody knows/cares who “SiNDADDY” is/was. But that’s cute you think someone actually listened to him.

  9. rkallal said,

    hahahaha agreed command cool and will…i got this blog from googling year zero but i definately think trents lyrics are among the best… ive heard some trash talk towards NIN, but never that their lyrics were meaningless/bad

  10. joseph said,

    i love nine inch nails but anyone that thinks trent reznor’s lyrics are good needs to actually listen to good lyrics or read good poetry.

    at best, trent’s lyrics are mildly interesting but still cliche.
    at worst, his lyrics devolve into a self-pity party with a whole lot of “telling” but no “showing” that are almost unbearable to listen to if the music wasn’t so good.

    i’m sure most of the people that think his lyrics are good write poetry like “i am sad and the day is black/ my friends stab knives in my back/ and it hurts/ it hurts”

  11. Shem said,

    Oi, shutup Joseph, whoever you may be. You speak as though you’ve got some kind of education in poetry. I myself have been reading poetry since I was around 9 (mostly Goth lit). If you had actually ever paid attention to the lyrics of NIN, you’d know they’re damn good for the most part… but somehow you’ve managed to realise the music is great while somehow missing/refusing to acknowledge the lyrical depth. Trent’s lyrics have a lot of hidden meanings, I’d advise you go look some of them up and read into them.

  12. sindaddy said,

    somebody pointed this out to me.

    “SiNDADDY rep” isn’t a sindaddy rep.

    and i think the new nails is kind of cool-

    fucking blows away that EMO record he did last time-



  13. IHateLiars said,

    LOL – sindaddy “rep”

    You still lying about performing music for HBO specials?

  14. miss-ter said,

    LOL, Sindaddy sucks, he is like the car salesman of the music scene! Im sure “sindaddy rep” is just sindaddy himself trying to put himself out there..

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