Bjork: Volta Tracklist Revealed

March 14, 2007 at 8:30 pm (Bjork, Volta)

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UPDATE: I’m not entirely sure how, but SC has somehow become Volta rumor central. If you check around a bit, you can find a Volta teaser video here, and a 15 second clip of Earth Intruders.

I can’t confirm this right now, but rumors are floating around that the tracklist for Bjork’s upcoming album, Volta, has been revealed. The following is what the album may look like:

1. Earth Intruders
2. Wanderlust
3. Dull Flame Of Desire
4. Innocence
5. I See Who You Are
6. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
7. Pneumonia
8. Hope
9. Declare Independence
10. My Juvenile

‘Earth Intruders’ is supposedly slated to be the first single. Like I said, I can’t confirm this, but I’ll update once I know more. However, since I’m going to sleep in a few minutes, don’t expect more from me for a few hours.

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  1. lee john marchenko said,

    Sounds like bjork-y titles. I have seen officially that “earth intruders” will be the first single. But… I thought there were ten tracks?

  2. Gemma Holmes said,

    God I can’t wait anymore, it’s killing me. I just want her to announce more dates in the UK, I can’t get to America and I don’t want to see her shoved into Glastonbury.

  3. Arthur J said,

    This is soooo exclusive, not even has this info! and i’m this late! 12345678 8 days late! wow… how did you guys find out this info? write me at myspace! write me!

  4. AguileraAnimato said,

    could this be a album cover?
    i pray for won’t be real

  5. andrew said,

    she’ll never be the same she was better with matmos and zeena parkins… i hate the fact that she’ll be commercial…

  6. Katerinique said,

    Hey guys, if this is the track list of volta it’s perfect in my sense! Bjork is going to be in New York in May I cannnt wait, going insane here!!!! Have a fab time at the concert everyone and stau true.
    great love,

  7. Kevin said,

    I Know this album will be a bit mainstream for her, But I honestly dont care, It will be nice to see her go a little old school with her music, and even though it might be poppy it will still be Bjork.

  8. peletisara said,

    there are tons of assumptions about “volta” being “commercial” due mainly to the fact that she worked with timbaland on this album, but i think we should all wait until we hear the album and then make our judgements. i think one of the most exciting things about her albums are the wide speculations that go around of how they sound before they are even released. i think there will be pleasant surprises and i totally have faith the bjork is going to give it to us “like it ain’t ever been given before”. i think the fact that she worked with timbaland is great. after working with artists i love like bogdan raczynski,leila arab,olivier alary, console,and thomas knak…it shows that she has magnificent range. it doesn’t matter who she works with, what matters is that she is forging on with sound. i am excited just as all of you!

    have a nice day. =)

  9. Jake said,

    To AguileraAnimato,

    Yea that is the album cover.

    I’m so excited.

  10. JJ said,

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I think a record being “mainstream” does not mean being “horrible”, am I wrong?

  11. Dan said,

    As Bjork has said herself “I’ve done a couple of projects that were quite serious. I wanted to do something fun.” And why not? There will always be people who whine “commercial!”

  12. yoya said,

    la bjork es ultra bkn!!!!
    es genial…

    es ultra linda
    y sus fotos son buenisimas…!!”



  13. Limpid Fury said,

    1. Earth Intruders
    2. Wanderlust
    3. Dull Flame of Desire
    4. Innocence
    5. I See Who You Are
    6. Vertabrae by Vertabrae
    7. Pneumonia
    8. Hope
    9. Declare Independence
    10. My Juvenile
    11. Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Extended)
    12. Innocence (Mark Stent Mix)
    13. I See Who You Are (Mark Bell Mix)

    Enjoy it in 2 weeks.

  14. sushi jack said,

    She only worked with Timbaland on three tracks: earth intruders, innocence and hope. Innocence has a very heavy Timbaland influence to it but at the same time it’s very very bjork. I don’t think she will ever be considered “commercial” no matter how hard she tries. There are more people who poo-poo her music than like it. I personally love her and her wholehearted embrace of electronica from the very start of her solo career. Judging by the tracks I have heard so far (earth intruder, innocence, wanderlust) Volta is going to be very much like Homogenic. It’s her first CD since Homogenic that focuses heavily on the beats, crunchy, clicky, dancey beats. I personally prefer her work with Mark Bell than Matmos.

  15. giuseppe said,

  16. .*.*.*.pAuLiTa.*.*.*. said,

    bjork…gracias x existir en este caotico y deplorable mundo…sos la personita super especial y unica, q en todos y cada uno de mis dias me llena y me transporta de la realidad…con tu musica no encuentro otra cosa mas q paz y sabiduria…tus letras son hermosas y me super inspiran…kiero felicitarte por la musica…todos y cada uno de tus albunes son extraordinarios…
    …desde la ciudad de Mar Del Plata, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina te dejo un millon de besos y toda la suerte del mundo para tu vida y todos tus proyectos…no cambies nunca…sos perfecta…te amo!…

  17. Jesus said,

    I love you bjork !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pilpintu said,

    I’ve already heard her lastest CD and it’s TERRIFIC!!!
    absolutely recommendable for the people who enjoy good music.

    congrats Björk! you’re aweome gurl 😉

  19. BRIANA KRISTAL said,

    she looks so good all the time

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