Kele Okereke: Quite Possibly The Most Awkward Interview Ever

March 14, 2007 at 6:20 am (Uncategorized)
From previous interviews, it’s probably okay to infer that Kele Okereke isn’t comfortable discussing himself. He seems much more at home talking about his music. Which is fine; he’s obviously a person that likes privacy, something that we’re all entitled to. Of course, every now and then, some journalist feels it necessary to pry; such is the case with Okereke’s latest interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle. Rather short, the interview is filled with inane questions such as this:

Q: OK. Let’s talk about vampires. On “Song for Clay (Disappear Here)

you sing, “East London is a vampire/ It sucks the joy right out of me.” Where does your fascination come from?

A: I don’t think there is a particular fascination. The imagery lends

itself to the analogy that I was making in that song.

Sound painful? That’s not even the worst of it. Check out the full article in all it’s awkward glory here.

Bloc Party – Song For Clay (Disappear Here).mp3
Bloc Party – On.mp3

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  1. sean said,

    My god that was painful! I felt embarassed for basically everyone involved, publicist included.

  2. del_ruby said,

    holy cow. in Kele’s defense, some of those questions were asking for a rude response.

  3. Jdawg said,

    What kind of questions are they?
    Kele Okereke is god.

  4. CaptainCurls said,

    Go Kele! I don’t think the interviewers questions were relevant or worth asking, the interviewer the cause of the awkwardness, not kele’s responses.

  5. Jukesey said,

    God that was an awful interview The interviewer was asking such pointless children’s music magazine style questions. I read a much better interview from near enough the same time;

  6. Rik said,

    I love Kele he’s an intellectual guy and has immense music.
    THe interviewer is stupid.

  7. Rik said,

    I love Kele he’s an intellectual guy and has immense music.
    THe interviewer is stupid. Silly questions, and he was quite right to answer them like that.

  8. FuckUFagBoi said,

    Fuck you Bloc Party is the best. That interviewer was asking shit questions.

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