Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

March 15, 2007 at 1:37 pm (mp3s, Sky Blue Sky, Wilco)

Well, now that it’s been a few weeks since ‘the incident’, I’m thinking it’s finally safe to post about Wilco again. I’ve caught the Sky Blue Sky listening party twice now, so I’ve heard the album quite a bit lately. Personally, I find it a little too mellow, and not experimental enough, but it’s still a good listen for a rainy day. A few of my favorite tracks are ‘Impossible Germany’, ‘Hate It Here’, and ‘On And On And On’. Impossible Germany is type of alt-country/rock track that Sky Blue Sky needs more of, while I love ‘Hate It Here’ for the bittersweet lyrics, and ‘On And On And On’ is one of the more alternative tracks, and one of Wilco’s better album closers. Cheers!

Wilco – Impossible Germany.mp3
Wilco – Hate It Here.mp3
Wilco – On And On And On.mp3

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  1. Zach L. said,

    Leave it to Wilco to change things up again, personally I’m a big fan of this shift to a more soulful, mellow sound. Brings me back to the “Being There” days. Anyways, thanks for posting the tracks!

  2. Trost said,

    Replace “Hate it here” with “Either way” and you’ve got my three favorites tracks from the album.

  3. Grant Gerke said,

    Amazing album IMHO.

    A lot of people are trashing it because its geezer rock and not experimental, Tweedy and the band are 40 something, write what you know.

    Walkin, Impossible Germany are great live and rock pretty hard, plus Shake it off will probaby too.

  4. Barry said,

    Thanks a mil for posting these!

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