Feist: Monarch

March 16, 2007 at 7:43 am (Feist, Monarch, mp3s)

I’ve noticed something strange lately. Not many people know that Let It Die wasn’t Feist’s first album; I even made the mistake of calling The Reminder her sophomore album. So, let me educate you; she actually released one album before Let It Die; Monarch, (Lay Down You Jeweled Head) in 1999. Despite Let It Die‘s popularity, Monarch never caught on, and is now out of print. But still, Monarch is Feist’s debut album, and it sounds that way. In it, Feist is still finding the light, full voice that would later define her, and the jazz elements are few and far between. Instead, she dabbles in alt-country and rock tunes. While Monarch is a fine album, it’s hard not to appreciate how much Feist has grown as an artist. Enjoy.

Feist – La Sirena.mp3
Feist – Monarch.mp3
Feist – The Mast.mp3

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  1. zach said,

    I’ve been looking for her “red demos”… after monarch but before let it die.

    i can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  2. martin said,

    go to allthingsfeist.com

  3. Kevin said,

    I’m not sure if I would call a self released disc, sold only in her native city, a debut for the masses. I’m sure we all can still get away wih calling “Let It Die” her debut. For example, Ray LaMontagne had four self releases before “Trouble” and most of us Rayfanatics still refer to “Trouble” as his dubut. With that said, I adore “Monarch” and as many record shee made in the past and will make in the future.

  4. James Likeness said,

    I think the parenthetical portion of the title is actually (Lay Your Jeweled Head Down).

  5. ¡Feliz cumpleños Leslie Feist! « Doppifity said,

    […] cuart0 de Peaches (hasta aparecer en el vídeo “Lovertits”), grabar sin mucho buzz un album en solitario, alcanzar el éxito comercial con “Let It Die”, ser comparada con Cat Power, y aparecer […]

  6. Rosana said,

    I ABSOLUTELY disagree. This album is eerie and scary good, as if she found inspiration from a hidden dimension. Her newer albums are no doubt excellent and genius, but as if she held back on her eccentricity to please a more general audience. Monarch remains as my favorite album of hers, but I have yet to fully listen to Metals, so we will see about that.

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