The National: The Boxer Preview

March 19, 2007 at 12:40 pm (mp3s, The National)

It always shocks me to think that The National’s superb 2005 Alligator went almost entirely unnoticed by critics. It’s not as though fans didn’t flock to it; many rightfully hailed it as one of the best albums of ’05. Luckily, it doesn’t look like their upcoming album, The Boxer, will suffer the same critical fate. With critics and fans already latching on to it, i t would be a pretty tough album to ignore. So, it’s my pleasure to present to you two tracks from The Boxer; ‘Start A War’ and ‘Ada’. While these tracks aren’t directly from the album, they should give us an idea of what they should sound like. At this point, I love The National far too much to offer any criticism. Enjoy.


The National – Start A War.mp3

The National – Ada.mp3

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  1. tom said,

    sounds pretty lo-fi….i think that is the audio from live acoustic perfromances from france….not the actual album…the videos are here…..

  2. Tim said,

    “Start a War” link isn’t working.

  3. mason said,

    thanks — i saw these guys at pitchfork fest last summer and they were great. hope their album is a success!

  4. andy said,

    from the mail out they sent pubicising these videos they were saying these songs have been reworked a fair bit since they were playing these earlier versions of them.

    Either way.. can’t wait to hear more!

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