Isaac Brock: Self-Mutilation In Sioux Falls

March 20, 2007 at 5:50 pm (Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse, mp3s)

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“It appeared [Brock] had some sort of object in his hand that he used
to make two swift cuts on his torso. Immediately after the frantic
moves, the band’s bearded stage hand/sound guy/roadie seated to Brock’s
left jumped on stage and grappled with Brock, making sure the singer’s
arms couldn’t reach his body for further harm. Brock then cooled down a
bit, embraced the stage hand and they talked in each other’s ears for a
second before each released the other and Brock returned to the mic. It
all happened in about 10 to 15 seconds.



“After the incident, Brock’s white T-shirt had two clear slices on its
front with blood stains building around the cuts…Yet, he didn’t miss
a song and played through several more of the band’s tunes before
breaking for an encore.”



To paraphrase all reports about this story; Last night in Sioux Falls, during ‘Tiny Cities Made Of Ash’, Isaac Brock apparently hit himself in the face with his microphone several times, then proceeded to slice his chest once or twice with a knife of some sort. It’s still unclear what he used to cut himself, how many times he did so, and what exactly happened with the microphone.


Now for the opinionated part; I think people need to cut Brock some slack; everywhere, I’m hearing people saying “he fell of the wagon”, “he was high”, “he was all fucked up” and all sorts of other slanderous remarks. Brock’s admitted that he had a little too much to drink that night, and we all know he’s a recovering alcoholic. Anyone who’s dealt with alcoholism knows it’s not an easy or simple thing to handle. We all have our own personal demons, and we all deal with them differently. Just because Brock is a public figure doesn’t mean we have the right to critique his every move. He’s a person just like you and me, and probably just wants to put this whole mess behind him. So, maybe we should just let him.


Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made Of Ash.mp3


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  1. Emily England said,

    I was at that show. Front row, right in front of him. No matter what was going on in his head at that moment, I stand behind him, as would any loyal fan who loves the band. Not only that, seeing Isaac as human, one whose gone through shit before and trying to figure the here and now out. “As life gets longer, awful feels softer…….. ” -Isaac Brock. I feel pretty blissfully too.. I asked Isaac after the show if he was alright – referring to his cuts. He gave me a look like he was fine. I got it. Bliss is nice.. All nice on is, alright.

  2. Booby roberts said,

    what a load of poop! if he is in some sort of self-destruction he shouldn’t be allowed a stage. i loved his music until i heard this. i understand the drink and drugs thing in music, but on stage cutting yourself – what does that say to the world? no-one else in his consortium is like that – the man needs help not a platform. boo-urns!

  3. Jimmy said,

    Reffering to Booby Roberts.
    You cant get mad at the man for cutting himself. Hes a recovering alcoholic, he has told people he is mentally depressed, and hes cutting himself on stage.. so what, its quite obvious your not a true fan if your complaining about him cutting himself.. if you truly listened to the lyrics you would have expected something like this.

  4. Brooooke; said,

    I agree with Jimmy & Emily England;
    I feel so very sorry for Isaac. After all the shit he’s been through.
    He was recovering, and i don’t blame him.
    I know exactly how he feels. I’ve had a pretty rough childhood so far.
    I suffer from depression & Anxiety, and have now found better ways to deal with it than cause myself pain.
    Self-Infliction doesn’t solve anything.
    No matter what mistakes Brock has made, and will over the years,
    I will stand by him as a true fan. I simply adore him and his work.
    And I always will.

  5. Anti Booby Roberts said,

    if booby roberts wants a load of poop ill give it to him, what the fuck is he even doing researching isaac brock if he is just a hater?

  6. roboheart said,

    Sometimes you just want to feel something, anything at all.
    Sometimes you just need a release.
    And sometimes, you just want to see yourself bleed.
    Sometimes I cut myself.

  7. A said,

    People who are “mentally stable” don’t understand mental illness… even if you have read 1,000,000 books on it, you’ll never know what it really feels like. It’s uncontrollable and unmanageable, if you’re not doing your own part to help yourself. As I have battled with bi polar my whole life and drug addiction, i know its not easy, its the hardest battle you’ll ever fight, because its inside of you. And i have to say that the lyrics from point A to point B…”So lonely but never alone, I know I’m at my house but I wish that I were at home” I can more than relate to. and that feeling sucks! As far as people that are quick to judge others based on their own ignorance of mental illness and alcohol-drug addiction, Don’t listen to it. don’t participate. Why hate? negative destroys, positive builds.

  8. said,

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  9. jessica said,

    I couldn’t agree more with the whole mental health shit & battling addiction. There’s not much more, sans good sex, that helps me feel better than listening to their shit when I’m down.. Maybe not necessarily make me feel better, but just so relatable. Different albums remind me of different times in my life- rehab, depression, inner struggle, recovery & what a fuckin bitch that one can be. It’s like there’s a certain type of people that get it & others who just never will– those people, they don’t know how lucky they are.. The harder you try & fill the void with whatever, sex, drugs, money, that makes it bigger, deeper, & harder to fill. As for the “self mutilation”, mountain out of a mole hill.. Ozzy Ozbourne did way more fucked up shit in his day, & decades later had a kitschy reality tv show– talk about self mutilating.. who knows & who cares, not to sound crass, but the guy should be entitled to his private struggles, even if they happen to occur while he’s on stage.. I love their shit, mostly his writing, but the whole sound they have. Plus, he seems like a very down to earth person, now anyhow–real people are good people in my book

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  11. anthony p said,

    I think u should only talk bout Isaacs music if u don’t like it don’t listen don’t bash dude personely. He is a awesome singer/songwriter if u don’t like it listen to rap they r outstanding members of the community. Isaac ur the best keep making awesome tracks

  12. Max said,

    gg would have been proud. Then promptly shoved a banana up his ass.

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