Low: Drums & Guns

March 21, 2007 at 6:06 pm (Drums & Guns, Low, mp3s)


Minimalist doesn’t even come close to describing Low; sparse instrumentation, restrained vocals, and static (lots of static) are essentially all the elements present in their latest album, Drums And Guns. It’s perfectly reasonable to question your speaker’s integrity on your first listen. It’s all quite underwhelming if you aren’t paying that much attention. However, if you pay attention, something strikes you; this is a record that demands to be listened to. If you do actually give it time to grow on you, you’ll come to realize that Low are experts at producing their sound. However sparse, each element is placed exactly where it should be. My only complaint with Drums And Guns is a bit of an occupational hazard; some of the songs tend to blend into each other, lacking any identifiable uniqueness. Despite this, Drums And Guns is still a record well worth a listen or two.


Low – Always Fade.mp3

Low – Hatchet.mp3

Low – Murderer.mp3


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  1. Jeff said,

    I love this record. I think they’ve really outdone themselves.

  2. del_ruby said,

    good stuff. the link for Always Fade is linking to Hatchet for some reason…

  3. Latrice Peral said,

    Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject! Before you convince yourself that you

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