Andrew Bird: Armchair Apocrypha

March 23, 2007 at 10:13 am (Andrew Bird, Armchair Apocrypha, mp3s)


Although I’ll be the first to admit that Andrew Bird latest album, Armchair Apocrypha is a little on the dull side, I’ll also admit that it’s a pretty decent album. Bird has a good sense of pace, and a nice style. Most of all, I like his lyrics. Not only does he use cool words like “palindromes” and “apropos”, he’s good at creating atmospheric, melancholy lines. I have a bit of a hard time listening to the whole thing in a single sitting, but it’s grown on me considerably since I first heard it. You should let it do the same to you.


Update: I’ve given this another listen, and it’s still growing on me. It’s actually quite nice.


Andrew Bird – Imitosis.mp3 (Removed Upon Request)

Andrew Bird – Heretics.mp3

Andrew Bird – Armchairs.mp3 (Removed Upon Request)

Andrew Bird – Simple X.mp3 (Removed Upon Request)



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  1. Pete said,

    Ah, there it is again, the “removed upon request” signs…on every blog I’ve visited! It’s funny, you know, but I discovered Andrew’s Mysterious Production of Eggs album via blogs. I heard 4 or 5 tracks, loved them all and consequently went out and bought the album. This time around, the only track Ive managed to hear is Heretics and I’m not impressed at all. If I were able to hear more, I might give this album a try too, but on the basis of Heretics I don’t think I’ll bother! Andrew’s management, please take note: blogs = good, Heretics MP3 on it’s own = bad!

  2. Dude said,

    I’m with Pete, I’ll only buy albums if I can hear more than one song to get a feel for it. These idiot record company execs are hurting their artists by limiting what can be heard out there, I’m skipping this one based on Heretics too. F@#$ the record labels.

  3. becky said,

    im liking a youtube version of simple x from bonaroo if you want a feel for that.

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