Amy Winehouse: “I Broke My Big Tooth.”

March 28, 2007 at 7:35 am (Amy Winehouse, mp3s, Stupid People)

Amy Winehouse has revealed the real reason behind the recent cancellation of two London live shows.

U.K. soul star, who is famed for her debauched antics, pulled a pair of
gigs at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire earlier this month.

Last week, she also cancelled two shows in America, following a
triumphant appearance at SXSW and the top 10breakthrough of new album
Back To Black in the Billboard chart.

Winehouse has now admitted the concerts in the U.K. capital were pulled after she smashed her front tooth in a drunken fall.

“I broke my big tooth. I had a massive gap in the front of my
mouth,” she revealed, before explaining that dental surgery has fixed
the unsightly injury.

The cancelled Shepherds Bush Empire shows will now take place on May 28 and 29.

From Yahoo! News

Seriously woman, get it under control.

Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good.mp3

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  1. roozbeh said,

    please give me videos about this lady.

  2. charlotte said,

    i absolutley love her, teeth or no teeth 🙂

  3. Comedy Blog said,

    Yeah, it must have been her tooth. And besides, everyone knows that cosmetic dentistry takes a couple of days minimum.

  4. Gabriela said,

    She is a beauty and a talent in trouble.

    I am also in trouble but Im neither a beauty nor a talent!

  5. Amy Winehouse fan said,

    Amy Winehouse is AMAZING!
    Her talent is raw; not computerized and she’s real.
    However she needs to sort out her addictions, so that she doesn’t deny the world of her talent/waste her talent and so that she stops getting bad publicity/bad press.
    As well as this the main reason is she’s worth more than that. She doesn’t need alcohol or drugs. She’s stronger than she thinks.A lot of people are wowed by her talent and think she has a REALLY REALLY REALLY AMAZING VOICE! Drugs and alcohol aren’t setting a good example for young people who look up to her and they aren’t doing herself any favours; they’re not going to make her problems go away, make her live longer or have more of a good time. I know that it’s her life and she should live it the way she chooses, but it would be good if she was aware that we’re all right behind her – we all care about her – and we all want her to fight these addictions for her own health and safety. Because she has got an amazing voice/talent and she can do so much better than waste/throw her life away on drugs and alcohol.

  6. amy said,

    im a crack whore

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  12. Emsy said,

    OMG ! thts not amy winehouse but it is omg im shoked
    oh well she looks better like this anyway luv yas bye xx

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