MIA & Timbaland: Come Around

March 28, 2007 at 1:30 pm (M.I.A., mp3s, Shock Value, Timbaland)


More than a few people were disappointed with the lack of MIA when Timbaland’s Shock Value made it’s way onto the intraweb tubes last week, myself included. Well, we can finally rest in peace; thanks to Discobelle, the MIA track has finally surfaced. After a few listens, I can safely say that it tops everything else on the album. Including as an import only track is a truly befuddling decision by whoever made it; The track is brilliant. God knows Shock Value could use a few more tracks like that.

Timbaland feat. MIA – Come Around.mp3

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  1. ian said,

    true dat, the m.i.a. tune rox the sox off the rest of the blander than bland album…
    do you recon m.i.a.’s “shady” past with sunshowers/PLO put record big wigs off the idea of putting her to the US mainstream??

  2. Chris said,

    Thanks for posting the MP3! It may be better than most of Timbaland’s album but it’s still far inferior to any of MIA’s leaked tracks.

  3. Mayavi said,

    Mia’s track is the best out of Timba’s album. MIA rocx!!

  4. m3rt said,

    i cant download it. p.s im not so sure about this being the best song on shocking value. i think its a good album. could be better. definetly. but this is nowhere near the best song. plus, who is she lol. i havent heard of her yet. is she the sri lankan version of lily allen ? she has some funny lyrics.

  5. project matt said,

    this has 2 skips in it so dont play it live DJs…
    just a heads up…this track is BANGING!

  6. add3 said,

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwow this track is the best i can find. apart from time ft. she wants revenge its the best ive heard out of mrrr timba for quite some time. its really addictive and fun heey
    kind of
    deserved a place on the albumn
    thats a definite
    annnd its not on limewire or any share program

  7. M.I.A said,

    yeh this really needed to be on the album its such a mad song.

  8. MA2 said,

    M.I.A is tha best singer i ever heard. she got her own style not like the other artists. “Bad man” with missy and “come around” with timbo is just crackin!!!!!!

  9. Rahul said,

    MIA’s tract was damn kool…..
    man that was the best in that album i would say,,,,,,,

    this girl has real talent……
    im proud to be tamil coz of you MAYA…..

    i wish her all the best……..

    does she speak tamil by the way???

  10. Mikey-DC said,

    This song is ok, she ruins the beat with her constant whining and gibberish. Be honest her voice is annoying and she makes no sense half the time. People just like her because she is different and different does not always mean something is good

  11. Lil' sk8board p said,

    u’ve no idea maya is the most talented female artist i’ve ever heard so shut up jerk

  12. tjovand said,

    “Come Around” was not included on Timbaland’s Shock Value because it was being held for M.I.A.’s Kala, released 8/21.

  13. flaire said,

    I know this post is old, but I like the comments. Just wondering: can people listen to hip-hop/rap music and actually type properly? Or does listening to it automatically convert you to “shorthand”? 😛
    MIA’s the only hip-hop musician I’ve yet to grow fond of, and I love it. She adds some open-minded variety to my music collection and I’ll admit sometimes it needs it.

  14. Urmella Stanley said,

    I am from India, and I can-not stop playing #12 song.

  15. thedoosra said,

    it’s a great track, until timbaland shoves his voice and stupid lyrics in there. WHY did u ruin a great song and beat timbo?!?!?

  16. Bubbles said,

    Na, we can type…I love M.I.A…She’s incredible…Awesome…

  17. mini said,


  18. mini bum said,

    ye wud all wanna do sumtin fo urselves ye freaks haaaaaaaaaaaa

  19. Dashingprince said,

    Keep the talentless Timbaland away from MIA, she is great.

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