Modest Mouse Hit #1: Should We Be Happy?

March 28, 2007 at 6:42 pm (Modest Mouse, mp3s, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank)

King Rat

In case you hadn’t already heard, Modest Mouse have officially taken the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, selling just under 130,000 copies. That’s around 50,000 more than the last major indie release, Neon Bible. However, don’t think those two figures mean indie has finally permeated the mainstream. Two other big hitters, LCD Soundsystem and Ted Leo, slid into the 46th and 109th positions, respectively. I haven’t been able to find the figures for Person Pitch, but I’m sure they won’t make me smile. Things like these are the reasons we need to support the artists we like. I know most of us say ‘x band won’t miss my fifteen bucks’; the truth is, they probably won’t, but they will miss your support. Not all of us can spare the cash to buy every record that comes along, but if you really love an album, the purchase is worth it. A nicely packaged CD is so much more satisfying than   So, while you try to fix that, enjoy the (strangefully enough) fittingly-titled King Rat, a vinyl only b-side from  We Were Dead. Thanks goes once again to I Guess I’m Floating for digging up this gem.


Modest Mouse – King Rat.mp3

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  1. Mr.Patch said,

    This is the greatest modest mouse song I’ve ever heard!!! I MUST get the vinyl!!

  2. Jon said,

    Glad you have an mp3 of this. I just suprisingly got the vinyl in the mail today for my student radio station but was sad that I couldn’t put the Rat King song up. Now I can! Thanks!

  3. Naisterahva karjatus keset pimedat ööd « Punapea Kroonikad said,

    […] tõmmatud siit ja siit. Published […]

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