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March 29, 2007 at 8:12 am (Devin The Dude, mp3s, Waitin' to Inhale)

With each album he releases, Devin The Dude seems less and less likely figure for mainstream success. It’s not that the quality of his records have slipped over time; he’s been able to maintain a fairly high standard through each of his four albums. It’s simply that after four albums, and an appearance on on Dr. Dre’s 2001, you begin think that if the public hasn’t picked up on him by now, they likely never will. That’s a shame, since Devin is one of the most unique rappers currently performing.


While his underground brethren, such as Busdriver and El-P, focus on highly abrasive rap, Devin does just the opposite. His rapping is easy on the ears, with a laid-back Texas drawl, and humorous observational lyrics, like “Hobos used to ask you for a dollar, now the motherfuckers ask you for three” on ‘Almighty Dollar’. He sticks to light-hearted rhymes like this throughout most of the album. He sounds like a genuinely fun guy.


Devin the Dude – Hope I Don’t Get Sick A Dis.mp3

Devin The Dude – What A Job (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000).mp3

Devin The Dude – Lil’ Girl Gone (Feat Lil’ Wayne & Bun B).mp3

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  1. John said,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, this guy definetley deserves recognition. I stumbled on this album the other day and loved it so much that I’ve ordered it on import (even though i’ve downloaded it).

    “What A Job” could be up there with some of the best Summer Anthems of all time, rubbing shoulders with “It Was a Good Day”, “Let Me Ride” etc…

    The rest of the album is so funny I love “She Useta Be” and “Just Because” they crack me up every time i listen to them!!!

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