Efterklang: Towards The Bare Hill

March 29, 2007 at 3:44 pm (Efterklang, mp3s)

Efterklang - Under Giant Trees

I’ve got a few questions: first, why do so many great artists come from Iceland? Secondly, why are so many of them interrelated? For example, one of my most anticipated releases of ’07 is Bjork’s Volta. Another release I’m looking forward to is Sigur Ros’ new album. Now, Bjork worked with Sigur Ros at one point, who worked with Amiina (who I’ve already raved about), who worked with Efterklang. I just received ‘Towards The Bare Hill’, the fourth song off of Efterklang’s upcoming EP, Under Giant Trees, and it already sounds like Efterklang fit in with Iceland’s finest. With it’s haunting vocals, and massive instrumentation, ‘Towards The Bare Hill’ is a hard track to forget. Highly recommended.


Efterklang – Towards The Bare Hill.mp3

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  1. Professor Batty said,

    Answer to your first question: Icelanders are very well educated, exposed at an early age to all forms of artistic expression, and tolerant and encouraging to artists of all kinds. Answer to your second: They’re aren’t very many of them! Seriously, the musicians are supportive of each other, because the country has a strong tradition of Socialism, there are “collectives” (Bad Taste, Kitchen Motors, Bedroom Community) that share musicians for various projects. If you ever get the chance (start saving now!), go to the Iceland Airwaves festival in October. You’ll see some of the same people in three or four different groups, playing different styles of music in each one. Amiina is on tour in North America now, I saw them last Thursday in Minneapolis, and in 2005 with Sigur Rós- very unique approach to making simple yet profound music…

  2. Matt said,

    Efterklang are Danish!

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