Coconut Records: Nighttiming

March 31, 2007 at 9:32 am (Coconut Records, Jason Schwartzman, mp3s, Nighttiming)

Jason Schwartzman

When I first heard about Coconut Records, Jason Schwartzman’s new band, I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about listening to their album. As a general rule, I believe actors should stay actors, and musicians should stay musicians; the mixing of the two rarely turns out well. Then I did a little research on Schwartzman, and learned that this is far from his first musical endeavor; he used to be the drummer for Phantom Planet, and has composed the scores for several films.


While Coconut Records debut album, Nighttiming, certainly displays his talent, it’s also far too scattered a record to be properly enjoyed. One moment you’re listening to a sand-washed ballad, the next to a disjointed rock number. At times, Nighttiming sounds less like an album than a collection of demos placed in random sequence. Luckily for Schwartzman, the album as a whole doesn’t detract from the single tracks too badly. There are some Weezer-worthy pop/rock gems here, especially in the first half. Nighttiming was released this past Tuesday digitally, and will be released in CD form in June.


Coconut Records – West Coast.mp3

Coconut Records – Back To You.mp3

Coconut Records – Easy Girl.mp3

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  1. sara said,

  2. jeff said,

    here is a pretty nice page i made for Coconut Records. I’m liking the album.

  3. Coconut Records / West Coast | GreenEggsandPlanet said,

    […] Read this blog post on the artist: Shameless Complacency, a WordPress Blog […]

  4. LeeLee said,

    The album rawks. Though it rolls through many genres, each song is a jewel. And the juxtaposition causes you to really LISTEN to each song. Love it.

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