B-Sides: Modest Mouse

April 3, 2007 at 5:48 am (b-sides, Modest Mouse, mp3s)

It’s tough to say just how long I’ve had these Modest Mouse b-sides on my hard-drive, but it was just this past weekend that I re-discovered. They’re from all different era’s of Modest Mouse, but I think the majority are from the early-to-mid 90’s. Enjoy these, and with any luck, I’ll have another band to do this with next Tuesday. Oh, and I should warn you that the quality on some of these leaves a lot to be desired.


Modest Mouse – Wagon Ride Return.mp3

Modest Mouse – Sin Gun Chaser.mp3

Modest Mouse – Edit The Sad Parts.mp3

Modest Mouse – Too Many Fiestas For Reuben.mp3

Modest Mouse – A Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy

Modest Mouse – Beta Carotene.mp3

Modest Mouse – Church.mp3

Modest Mouse – Crazy Gnome.mp3

Modest Mouse – Stonewashed Jeans.mp3

Modest Mouse – Baby Clean Conscience.mp3

Modest Mouse – Four Leaf Clover.mp3

Modest Mouse – Humpin’ Pumpkin.mp3


And a zip file, for those of you to lazy to download those one at a time.

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  1. D said,

    Thank you

  2. cj said,

    whoever you are, i love you.

  3. thegnu said,

    you wicked, wicked bastard. in a good way.

  4. spencer said,

    thank you kindly sir or madam

  5. bionic said,

    cant download church or stonewashed jeans 😦

  6. jac said,

    crazy gnome! crazy gnome! crazy gnome! i love it =]

  7. dru said,

    i cant get any of the songs

  8. MEEfO said,

    Any chance of re-upping these?

  9. ditto said,

    sorry to pester, but is there any chance? would love the songs…
    if not, anyone know where to find them?

  10. alec bossler said,

    yeah, hating to pester (nicely put)

    but please re jigger this so i can download the songs… it would be ever so great.

  11. Jackie said,

    please please re-upload. if you are unwilling, i shall at least praise you for letting me know what i need to look for

  12. H said,

    PLEASE re-upload the zip file… I would adore all of these. Thank you so much for putting it up in the first place though. Much love

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