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April 7, 2007 at 10:09 am (Avril Lavigne, mp3s, The Best Damn Thing)

Avril Lavigne

I know that by posting this I’m risking every last bit of credibility I’ve built up over the past few months, but that’s okay. Credibility is overrated. Even with all the Bright Eyes, National, and Nine Inch Nails flying around over the past week, I’ve still found some time to listen to Avril Lavigne’s upcoming The Best Damn Thing; for what it is, it’s pretty good. While the lyrics are far from intelligent, Avril’s voice and the hook-filled melodies more than make up for. Don’t let your own snobbishness get in the way of hearing this album. It’s actually pretty good.


Avril Lavigne – Hot.mp3

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  1. Jad said,

    Wasn’t April Fools last week?

  2. guyha said,

    you won’t lose any credibility šŸ™‚ an indie lover who’s too afraid to admit he loves pop isn’t a music lover, just an indie jerk. šŸ™‚

    i just found your blog 2 days ago, and i’m just loving it. absolutley great.


  3. LAURA 91 said,

    avril you are incredible…….. you are the best

  4. LAURA 91 said,

    I’m italian…. but i’m speak a little english… bye bye…..

  5. tim said,

    don’t worry! you haven’t built up any credibility – your writing is fucking atrocious!

  6. Kyle said,

    If you really want to see some bad writing, you should check out the stuff I wrote in January. Man, I was a hack!

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