Rivers Cuomo | Pig

April 9, 2007 at 10:19 am (mp3s, Weezer)

Rivers Cuomo

As far as Weezer fans go, I definitely qualify as a fanatic. I mean, how many other people can say they’ve done a karaoke version of Pinkerton in it’s entirety? Twice? I thought so. So, imagine my joy when I saw a new Rivers Cuomo song on Idolator. Sure, Weezer has disappointed me in years past, but I’ll never stop hoping for a comeback. The new song, ‘Pig’, is an acoustic demo, and it sounds great. With just Cuomo, a guitar, a piano, and classic Cuomo lyircs, it hard to go wrong. I only hope this signals a new direction for Weezer.


Rivers Cuomo – Pig,mp3

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  1. Zach said,

    Thats pretty much the best thing Rivers has written in about a decade. I really like it! I hope something comes of it down the line.

  2. Zach said,

    Not too shabby!

  3. maczo said,

    thanks for the song

  4. dam said,

    this shit is mad depressing…
    good still though

  5. mustardman said,

    fuck yeh! go rivers! finally some vocal lines with a little stretch in range

  6. Wiley Weezman said,

    Those lyrics, that harmony, that simple emotion, and that smooth, soft melody remind of my favorite band from the 90’s. Thank you Rivers for keeping it real and bringing it back at an ever-so-needed time.

  7. =C said,

    HOLY CRAP! It doesn’t work! Right when I hear about this…it doesn’t even work.

    gahdamn. Can someone like reupload it or something… I at least want to hear it.
    If not download it.


    email me once you do it.

  8. Jueffre said,

    how are you a weezer fanatic if you don’t like weezer?

  9. Karston said,

    I think he’s laying down his soul in that song. Basically it helped a Really hard time in life. It’s a sad, yet painfully true song about the reality that animals have feelings. Maybe not with as much depth as Rivers describes, but at some level they have emotion. At any rate thanks Rivers for the sweet song.

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