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April 10, 2007 at 3:34 am (b-sides, Bjork, mp3s)


Last week’s set of b-sides were a nice intro to this feature, but a very messy one. This week, things are much more organized. I’ve included ten b-sides by Björk, from different albums; they’re listed below in chronological order. They’re all good quality, and they’re all b-sides in the sense that they were included only on singles that are now somewhat hard to come by. Although they’re all quite good, my favorites are ‘I Remember You’, ‘Charlene’, and ‘Verandi’. ‘I Remember You’ is a Sinatra-style love song, but with Björk’s own twist, whereas ‘Charlene’ relies on it’s slow-burn electro pulse to draw you in. Finally, ‘Verandi’ features an eerie organ, and some of the highest vocals I’ve ever heard from Björk. Enjoy!


Björk – Atlantic.mp3

Björk -I Remember You.mp3

Björk – Sidasta Eg.mp3

Björk – Sweet Intuition.mp3

Björk – Charlene.mp3

Björk – My Spine.mp3

Björk – Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu.mp3

Björk – Scary.mp3

Björk – Verandi.mp3

Björk – Amphibian.mp3

Björk B-Sides.zip



  1. Joseph Xu said,

    Thanks for continuing to post interesting music news as well as posting interesting finds, such as this.

    Keep on doing what you do, because you do it well.

  2. 38 : neblog said,

    […] von mir merken oder gar kaufen ganz zu schweigen, herunter. zum beispiel auch letztens einen haufen björk bseiten.) das stück “atlas” und das ä knallt wirklich sehr doll. ein fröhliches grinsen muss […]

  3. Aaron said,

    This rules.

  4. Franz said,

    Wow! Amazing! Thank you so much!

  5. Larry said,

    These are no longer available from these links…is there another way to get them?

  6. genna said,

    what larry said.

  7. Dylan said,


    I would love to get my hands on these harder to find b-sides. Would it be possible for you to re-post them?

  8. Jasmine said,

    Oh no 😦 Can you repost them? Please?

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