Department Of Eagles: No One Does It Like You

April 10, 2007 at 10:22 am (Department Of Eagles, mp3s)

Department Of Eagles

As a general rule, I try not to snag tracks from other blogs. I like to keep my content unique. But every now and then, while I’m browsing another blog, something hits me in such a way that I just have to post about it. That exactly what happened when I heard Department Of Eagles ‘No One Does It Like You’ demo. This song, from Grizzly Bear’s Dan Rossen side-project, is absolutely stunning, with it’s mesmerizing pop melodies, and Brian Wilson-esque sense of space.This is quite possibly the best song I’ve heard since ‘Good Girl/Carrots’. I can’t wait to hear more.

Department Of Eagles: No One Does It Like You (Demo).mp3

Note: This isn’t even remotely hyperbolic. If you have any more info on their upcoming album, feel free to contact me. I’m just that blown away.

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  1. joe said,

    Hey there…
    I am a classical, sometimes electronic, composer in Philly…
    Love your site , but don’t know who you are…
    I would love a weekly playlist or something from you…. 😉
    anyway we could possibly arrange it?
    Thanks for the great site…

  2. joe said,

    p.s.- send me VOLTA!!! hehe

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