Of Montreal | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

April 14, 2007 at 5:43 am (Conan O'Brien, Hissing Fauna, mp3s, of Montreal, Videos)

After his stunt in Vegas, I thought that Kevin Barnes had successfully ensured that Of Montreal would never reach a mainstream platform; I couldn’t be happier to be wrong, On Thursday night, Of Montreal performed Heimdalsgade Like A Promethean Curse live on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. The performance was extremely impressive, mainly due, as usual, to Barnes’ stage antics. He attempted to recreate the video for Heimdalsgade, including his numerous costume changes, from crab claws to long dresses. You’ve got to respect Conan for taking it all so well, and not seeming the least bit freaked out.

Of Montreal – Heimdalsgade Like A Promethean Curse.mp3



  1. uglystephanie said,

    gdamn they are great!!!

  2. Mickey said,

    This kid blatantly, and admittedly rips Bowie off, who himself ripped off every trend that gained popularity. I could excuse being inspired by Bowie, and also borrowing heavily, if the music was fantastic. It’s not though, it’s just alright, and that’s not good enough to be excused.

  3. Simon said,

    agreed on the Bowie tip, Check out Saphin, I’ve linked to his myspace. I think you’ll like him more.

  4. Simon said,

    by the way, I just saw he’s working with Earl Slick, Bowie’s Guitarist… That’s so cool!!!!!

  5. wearealwaysalwaysmortal said,

    hmm it seems so staged. im a huge fan and especially love the band live but it seems like barnes tried to pack what he would do in an entire concert into one song. o well.

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