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April 15, 2007 at 7:14 am (Bjork, classics, Debut, mp3s)



Although not technically her debut, Debut was the album that introduced the world to Björk. Her experimental-infused pop was something new and original, and would set the stage for her rise to popularity with her next album, Post. Debut is neither as poppy as Post, nor as experimental as Medúlla, Debut instead strikes a balance between the two extremes. Tracks like Human Behaviour still remain as perfect introductions to Björk; her strong, unique voice takes center-stage, while strong experimental melodies back her. Debut isn’t my favorite Björk album (I’m saving that for Volta Week), but it’s probably the one I have the most fun listening to. Despite it’s differences, Debut is essential Björk.


Björk – Human Behaviour.mp3

Björk – There’s More To Life Than This.mp3

Björk -Violently Happy.mp3


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  1. Lukas said,

    did you hear? Bjork on SNL next week

  2. joe said,

    Holla! 😉

  3. Seamus said,

    The SUGARCUBES introduced BJORK to the WORLD Yoyoyoyoyoyo!!!!

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