Radical Face | Ghost

April 21, 2007 at 1:23 pm (mp3s, Radical Face)


I’ve never heard a debut album that sounds likes so much like a debut album as Radical Face’s Ghost. Despite it’s members being fairly experienced musicians, Ghost falls prey to almost every debut-album-pitfall imaginable. Uneven pacing? Check. An inordinate amount of filler? Check. A general lack of focus? Definitely a check.


Though these are all forgivable flaws in moderation, Ghost has at least one flaw that is far from a moderate one; it’s infuriating how dramatically the quality of tracks fluctuates throughout the album. Some of these tracks are so meandering, so unfocused, that they’re nearly unlistenable. They serve absolutely no purpose, other than bolstering the album’s runtime and dragging down the good tracks.


However, Ghost does have it’s strong points. Lyrically, the album is sound. Radical Face are capable of conjuring up truly haunting images, and for the most part, they use their skills well. Also, when they decide exactly what sound their aiming for, they’re able to pull it off with surprising skill.


Since Ghost is their debut album, and they show some real promise, it’s probably okay to let Radical Face off the hook for their mistakes, no matter how glaring some of them may be. Ghost isn’t a great album, but it has great moments . It will be interesting to see where Radical Face can go from here.


Radical Face – Glory.mp3



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  1. omg420rofl said,

    radical face is one person

  2. Your Mother said,

    And he is far more better than Gay-bands like Arctic Monkey’s, Franz Ferdinand blablablablablaaa whatever…They shoot thank The Strokes the mainstream audience appreciates their crap..but hey…we are capitalists

  3. Your Mother said,

    I wrote shoot instead of should. Are you dumber than me?

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