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April 22, 2007 at 6:03 am (Bjork, SNL, Videos)

A few weeks ago I called SC ‘Volta News Central’, and baby, I ain’t lyin’. Last night Björk performed live on SNL two songs from the upcoming Volta. The first was ‘Earth intruders’, which most of us have already heard; still something’s added to it by watching Björk jump around barefoot on stage. The second was ‘Wanderlust’. It was the first time I heard that track in particular, and it probably was for a lot of you, too. Maybe I’m just overzealous because it’s morning, but ‘Wanderlust’ was phenomenal. You should note that the videos below aren’t the greatest quality; whenever Björk decides to dance around the stage, which is a lot, the video gets a bit pixelated. I’ll update them as soon as I have a better video. Still, if you missed SNL last night, these videos are required watching.



Earth Intruders




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  1. mucifer said,

    is it possible to find out who her band is? great vids, thanks for all the bjork news, i’m keeping up as much as i can too. did you hear “innocence” on her myspace? amazing. all these new songs i think are a throw back to her debut/post days. i think there might be a backlash from bjork fans who want her to continue on her path of deep, introspective musical explorations like medulla. so far, these songs are fun basically referencing what we fell in love with the first time around. yay! i have tix to her show in chicago!!!

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