Prodigy | Return Of The Mac

April 22, 2007 at 8:25 am (mp3s, Prodigy)

Return Of The Mac

Any hip-hop/rap fan will tell you that 2007 has pretty much sucked for hip-hop/rap fans. You can count all the releases worth listening to on one hand, and have fingers to spare. But, things are finally starting to look up, with some interesting mix-tapes floating around, and Prodigy (one half of Mobb Deep) releasing a new album, Return Of The Mac. I got my hands on Return . . . about a week ago, and it’s been impressing me ever since. It’s one of the better straight rap releases I’ve seen in a while.


Mobb Deep were the leaders of the 90’s harcore-rap scene; however, like most of their ilk, the quality of their albums started a dramatic decline in quality once the 00’s began. For a while, it seemed like Mobb Deep would fade into obscurity. But Return Of The Mac is really a return, a return to form. Prodigy’s smooth, weathered voice and his coldly violent raps are back, like nothing ever changed. His flow is so effortlessly threatening, he makes other modern rappers look absurd. This is a must-hear album for rap fans.


Prodigy – Stuck On You.mp3


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  1. Morla said,

    You need to check out Ta’raach and the Lovelution – The Fevers.

    Another solid 2007 hip-hop release.

  2. Steve said,

    oooo shiiit, prodigy whipped out a new album. siiick

    and this a tight song

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