B-Sides | Feist

April 24, 2007 at 7:33 am (b-sides, Feist, mp3s)


For your listening pleasure, eight Fesit b-sides. Some are from Open Season, and some are from the red demos, but they’re all good. The most interesting, however, is easily Feist’s cover of Peaches’, her best friend’s, ‘Lovertits’. It unlike anything we’ve ever heard from Feist before, all electro beats and suggestive lyrics. But, that’s what Peaches is all about, eh? It does manage to lose some of the dirt from Peaches version, and Feist’s full vocals suit the song surprisingly well. Long live Peaches and Feist collabs!


Feist – Intuition (Red Demos).mp3

Feist – Leisure Suite(Red Demos).mp3

Fiest – Lovertits (Peaches Cover).mp3

Feist – Mushaboom (Red Demos).mp3

Feist – Snow Lion.mp3

Feist – The Eastern Shore (Red Demos).mp3

Feist – The Simple Story .mp3

Feist – Tout Doucement.mp3


  1. Brendan said,

    I am curious where these tracks came from? Is this a real b sides album? Can it be purchased? Or have you just collected them from various corners of the net? Lemme, know, I’d love to purchase them if possible.

  2. Bryon said,

    Hey man, thanks for the red & black sessions. She looks really hot in that pic!

  3. jess said,

    I can’t believe I missed out on these!
    ca you reupload them or something for me, pretty please!?
    i would appreciate it.

  4. pariakamyab said,

    yes please could you, I really want to hear it, or do you know where I could purchase it?

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