Volta Leaked . . . On iTunes

April 25, 2007 at 6:16 am (Bjork, mp3s, Volta)


Amazingly enough, you did read that title right. Yesterday, you might have heard rumors about a Volta leak through UK iTunes, but nothing actually came of it. I wrote it off as a prank, to be honest. But now, rumors are flying around again, and it appears that Volta actually was available on UK iTunes late from Monday night to early Tuesday morning, a full two weeks before its actual release date. What does this mean for iTunes? A massive eek from Universal. This is a screw-up of the highest degree on iTunes part, and Universal have every right to be massively pissed. My guess is that iTunes is going to get one hell of a slap on the wrist.


Bjork – Oceania.mp3 [From Medúlla]



  1. Jeff said,

    well…at least people had to pay for it right? I kinda wish it had leaked. Copy-protection does nothing for my iPod.

  2. openfansite.com » Kelly Clarkson to Cover Patty Griffin With Jeff Beck on Idol? said,

    […] UK is cowering behind the watercooler right now as yesterday’s rumors that Bjork’s new album Volta leaked on iTunes two weeks before its release date seem to have actually been true. Volta was available on UK iTunes […]

  3. dan said,

    yeah, it leaked. not just an album but also the bonus remixes. silly iTunes.

  4. rickrubin said,

    yeah it did leak
    and if you dont believe me here you go

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