Interpol | The Heinrich Maneuver

April 29, 2007 at 8:13 am (Interpol, mp3s)

Just a week ago, we knew nothing about Interpol’s third album. It was a mystery to everyone. Then, earlier this past week, the cryptic numbers 07.10.07 appeared on their website. From there, the details came rushing out. The tracklist, the title, and now, an actual song, all appeared. I have to admit to never really getting into Interpol that much, and the new track, the Heinrich Maneuver does little to persuade me. It’s a fine song, and a good single, but it’s a little to light and poppy for my tastes. But those vocals are still pretty great.



Pioneer (Live) (Much better than ‘Heinrich’, in my opinion)




The Heinrich Maneuver (Live)



The Heinrich Maneuver.mp3 (Radio Rip)



  1. Miron Ghiu said,

    The album has just leaked on some major p2p platforms and torrents sites.
    It’s a quality rip (320) and the source is, most likely, from the inside of the record company. They use to send promos months before the actual release.

    NOTE FROM SC: I would take this comment with a grain of salt, if I were you.

  2. Aimal said,

    Personally I love the Heinrich Maneuver. I never had an aversion to Antics like most Interpol fans though, so it’s understandable.

  3. junaid said,

    the song is pretty cool. it’s a good sing-a-long, get stuck in your head, first single off the album sort of tune. in the same vein as slow hands. but i don’t think it’s a good representation of the album as a whole, just like slow hands wasn’t for antics. can’t wait to hear “our love to admire” !!!

  4. Top Posts « said,

    […] Interpol | The Heinrich Maneuver Just a week ago, we knew nothing about Interpol’s third album. It was a mystery to everyone. Then, earlier this […] […]

  5. public pervert said,

    Interpol ARE the best band in the world – FACT!

    the new single is brilliant as expected…
    i dont know why people are instantly comparing it with slow hands, ill admit the chorus reminds me of slow hands a bit, but id say the rest of the song is more compatible with C’mere.
    and anyway, its a new song.. paul dan sam and carlos are hardly gonna set off on their third album and go “hmm shall we make this song sound like slow hands, thatll please the fans”

    “you wear those shoes like a dove” paul banks strikes again – sublime lyric.

  6. Anna Domini said,

    Yes, Public Pervert, INTERPOL are the best band in the world.

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