The Love Triangle | Ballad Of Two Star Jones Marie

May 1, 2007 at 6:36 am (mp3s, The Love Triangle)

Love Triangle Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, but I was a little busy (I bought myself a new DS!). Anyway, that means I didn’t really spend much time crawling through myspaces, blogs, or the massive pile of mp3s I call my desktop. So today I’ll post about a song that I ran across a while ago. It’s called ‘Ballad Of Two Star Jones Marie’, by the Love Triangle. It’s a nice little folk song, just a tropical-style guitar and repeated lyrics. Sound like a million other unknown indie bands? Trust me, this is good. If you don’t beleive me, believe Devendra Banhart. Apparently, he gave the Love Triangle his seal of approval.


The Love Triangle – Ballad Of Two Star Jones Marie.mp3

The Love Triangle’s myspace


Note: Sorry if screwed up any details, but info was a little tough to come by.


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  1. Dylan said,

    Hey, I am in this band! Thanks for posting something about us. If you want our disc I can send it to you somehow, either via email or through the mail.

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