Junior Boys | In The Morning Video

May 2, 2007 at 7:14 am (Junior Boys, mp3s)

For whatever reason, I never got around to listening to Junior Boys sophomore album from last year, So This Is Goodbye. I never regretted that until I heard the Dead Horse EP last month. It was only a remix EP, but it was still impressive. Now it looks like I’ll get another chance at So This Is Goodbye, as Domino Records plans on releasing a deluxe edition of it in the coming weeks. To promote it, they also released the video for ‘In The Morning’, lead single from Goodbye. Directed by Jaron Albertin, this video is considerably smarter than most modern videos. Not only is it gorgeous to watch, but there’s some real meaning to it. Very nice.



Junior Boys – In The Morning.mp3

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  1. margarida said,

    And you should really regret that. Well, you have time to make up for that. Try listening to FM or Count Souvenirs or When no one cares. Not that it matters much but it was one of my best albuns from last year. Ah and The Equalizer is quite impressive as well.

    Congrats on your website. : )

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