LCD Soundsystem | ‘All My Friends’ Goodies

May 3, 2007 at 3:07 pm (Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem, mp3s)

EMI sure has been busy promoting LCD Soundsystem’s latest single, All My Friends. Not only did they put out a video for it, but they got Franz Ferdinand and John Cale to do covers of the track. The video, sadly enough, features no tinfoil spaceman brawls, but it’s still quite good, and it complements the track well. While I prefer the original LCD version of Friends to either of the covers, they’re both interesting enough to warrant a few listens. The end of the Franz version great, featuring some classic Ferdinand vocals, the likes of which we haven’t heard anything new from in almost two years. This is a single definitely worth your cash.



Franz Ferdinand – All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover).mp3


  1. Serafino Raimondo said,

    they’ll have you suicidal suicida. Serafino Raimondo.

  2. Joey Hadassah said,

    damn all these beautiful gir. Joey Hadassah.

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