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May 4, 2007 at 6:33 am (b-sides, mp3s, White Stripes)

Sorry it took me longer than usual to put this up, but there were a few tracks that I had a hard time finding, and a few I had to give up on completely. But that’s okay, considering the size of the White Stripes back-catalog. All of thes tracks are interesting for one reason or another, be it their lo-fi charm, or the novelty of hearing the White Stripes cover Dolly Parton. The best of the bunch would definitely be ‘Ashtray Heart’, with it’s crunchy guitar line and sarcasm-laced lyrics. Enjoy, and I promise to have this up in a more timely fashion next week.


The White Stripes – Apple Of My Eye.mp3
The White Stripes – Ashtray Heart.mp3
The White Stripes – Candy Cane Children.mp3
The White Stripes – China Pig.mp3
The White Stripes – I Ain’t Superstitious.mp3
The White Stripes – Jolene.mp3
The White Stripes – Lafayette Blues.mp3


White Stripes B-Sides.zip (Coming Soon)



  1. johnnybegood said,

    thanks, great job on looking up these tracks

  2. Willy Rubisnutz said,

    10-Q 4 D’s!

  3. David said,

    i have some other white stripes b-sides, if you send me a list of the ones you couldnt track down i can email you them.

    i have handsprings and red bowling ball ruth that are’nt on your list

  4. David said,

    i can send you handsprings and red bowling ball ruth if you want them

  5. Josef said,

    David! I want those 2 tracks! I have a ton of White Stripes back stuff, too, if you’re interested.

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  8. Flash said,

    Top stuff, thanks so much!!

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  11. sodwee said,

    http://www.whitestripes.fr/videos/ for the video in full quicktime quality !!!!!

  12. kap said,

    Apple of My Eye and Ain’t Superstitious aren’t White Stripes songs, it’s actually Jack and Brian Muldoon – The Upholsterers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Upholsterers

  13. Leha said,

    I wait the zip file! ❤

  14. Patryk said,

    All of the B-Sides I have found by the White Stripes, not including an almost equal amount of live covers:

    Hand Springs
    Let’s Shake Hands
    Candy Cane Children
    Lafayette Blues
    Red Bowling Ball Ruth
    Red Death at 6:14
    Top Special
    Who’s a Big Baby?
    (De Ballit of De) Boll Weevil
    Look Me Over Closely
    Rated X
    One & Two
    “Un-named Song”
    Mr. Cellophane
    Honey We Can’t Afford to Look this Cheap
    I Never Thought That I Could Love You
    Ooh My Soul (actually a cover but I count it because I like it)
    Though I Hear You Calling, I Will Not Answer
    Who’s to Say
    Little Red Book
    Black Jack Davey
    Cash Grab Complication on the Matter
    It’s My Fault for Being Famous
    Baby Brother

    Also if you are going to include the Upholsterers songs, I don’t know how you have missed the third; Pain (Give Me Sympathy).
    I guess e-mail me if you really want them, and I’ll see if I can get them to you. But you can just rip most of them off YouTube if you know how.

  15. Alex said,

    Patryk, I’d first like to say THANK YOU and that, if you were here, I would hug you ’till you couldn’t breathe no more.

    But down to business…
    Apple of my Eye is by The Upholsterers. It was another two-person band that Jack was in with someone named Brian Muldoon.
    It’s a pretty cool song, but still, it’s not the White Stripes. (;
    (According to Wikipedia, “I Ain’t Superstitious” is an Upholsterers song, too.)

  16. Conrad said,

    As you said, Ashtray Heart is one of the best here. It is a cover of a 1980 recording by Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band. To hear some of the music that inspired The White Stripes check him out. He is my favorite artist ever.

  17. Smithk2 said,

    Several of these games are worth some time and are actually quite fun. cdfffcfddedddedd

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