Bonde Do Role | With Lasers

May 4, 2007 at 1:37 pm (Bonde Do Role, mp3s)

Lately, it seems like I go through periods of obsession with music from certain countries. A few weeks ago, it was Iceland; now it’s Brazil. Like most, I started out with CSS and their self-titled debut from last year. Eventually, that led to my discovery of two other great Brazilian bands, Bonde Do Role and Nancy. For now, I’ll focus on Bonde Do Role.


BDR are a bit like their peers aesthetically, but their sound is undoubtedly unique. Beat heavy, filled with samples, and sung entirely in Portugese gay slang, BDR are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. I can’t imagine what Diplo must have thought when he first heard them. That’s right, Diplo was the one to discover BDR.


Now, after signing with Domino Records, BDR are set to release their debut LP, With Lasers. Lasers definitely skews on the short side, but it’s filled with the same characteristic absurdity of their singles. Simply put, it’s a fun album. While it’s hard to top a song about what James Bond(e) would be like if he were gay, BDR manage to do just that with ‘Geremia’. Kazoos, shout-rap vocals, and a children-sung segment, ‘Geremia’ is everything you could ask for in a track.



Bonde Do Role – James Bonde.mp3

Bonde Do Role – Geremia.mp3



  1. Bonde Do Role - James Bonde | MUSIC RUST said,

    […] Source var sb_url_to_rate = “”; var sb_rated_title = “Bonde Do Role – James Bonde”; try { var sb_rated_creation = new Date(Date.parse(‘Sat, 26 May 2007 06:59:17 -0700’)); } catch (e) {} […]

  2. Deep said,

    I am a great fan of BDR. I’m Portugueese, with a lot of Brasilian friends, so i am quite used to funk rythmes. But BDR’ musics, God they are AMAZING!

    I put them at a party, great success! I just love the way they transmit happiness and fun of life and all of those stuffs.

    I was surprised to see that just one month after they released Solta o frango, it was already known here.

    I have only one thing to say : THANKS GUYS FOR BRINGING US SUCH A COOL MUSIC!

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